Being spoiled is immensely appreciated, but not expected. Every gift I receive is elating and I'm thankful for your generosity.

Collecting beautiful lingerie to wear is a passion of mine. You can shop at any high-quality lingerie shop you would like, but my favorite stores are: Fleur of England, Honey Birdette, La Perla, and Agent Provocateur.

To give you a good idea of my taste, I have one wishlist for miscellaneous/clothing and another for lingerie. My favorite clothes tend to be in darker colors such as: dark violet, burgundy, navy blue, dark charcoal gray, black, and forest green.

Dining at a restaurant of your choosing is perfectly alright with me, but if you would like to pamper me, take me to: Kayne Prime, Nashville; Husk, Nashville; Bern’s Steakhouse, Tampa; Daniel, NYC; Eleven Madison Park, NYC; Le’ Bernardin, NYC; and Saison, San Francisco. For something simple, I like Graeter’s Ice Cream and Texas De Brazil.

If you feel more comfortable letting me pick out what I would like, a gift card from: Dillard's, Nordstrom, Lelo, Whole Foods Market, Gould’s Salon Spa, Sephora, Visa, and any of the lingerie stores listed above will be fantastic.

I also love french vanilla or cinnamon scented candles, flowers (if local)- lilies or orchids, books, fuzzy socks or thigh high socks (no toe socks please), soft blankets, and geodes.


  • Bra- 34 C
  • Panties- Medium
  • Dress/Skirt- 4 If the bottom half is loose or stretchy.
  • Pants/Shorts- Most pants and shorts fit on my legs and bottom in a size small or 3, but will be too large around my waist. Casual leggings are usually the only pants that fit. Sizing correctly can be difficult, so tags need to be left intact just in case.
  • Blouse/Jacket- Small or 4
  • Shoe- US 8
  • Jewelry- my wrists are pretty tiny, so bracelets will need to be small. For rings, I usually wear a or 5.