How will you dress during our time together?

I'm open to suggestions if you have something you would prefer or feel is appropriate depending on where we will be meeting and spending our time together. I love dressing up, keeping it casual, and wearing something seductive, so I'll be comfortable in nearly anything. If you have a specific request, let me know in your first email. If you would like to buy me something, you can pick something out (see Gifts page for sizing) or we can go shopping together.

Are your pictures recent?

My pictures were taken in October 2018 and I have a Twitter @_alex_elise_

How do I get in contact with you?

All communication will be through email. It may take two-three days for me to respond, so please schedule 72 hours in advance. When I have free time, I will try to respond within a couple hours (within the hours of: 10am-11pm Central time). Emailing is mainly for scheduling; I have to keep it brief so I will be able to respond in a timely manner. Bookings with 24 hours or less of notice aren't guaranteed, but I will try my best to fit you in. If I haven't responded in more than three days, it's probably because all of the required information wasn't included in the first email or the message was sexually explicit.

What do you like to drink?

I rarely drink alcoholic beverages, so a bottle of water or lemonade (ex: Simply Lemonade) is good.

How will our time be spent?

We can go to a nice restaurant, go walking in a park, explore the cities' various attractions, do go-karts, or we could stay in and watch movies while cuddling in our p.j.s and order food online. If it is our first time together, I would like to spend a considerable amount of time talking and getting to know each other. For longer bookings, I will need to eat at least 3 times a day, especially breakfast soon after I wake up.

Would you consider doing an arrangement?

Yes, definitely. I have had arrangements with women and men. Once we have gotten to know each other and have a great connection, we can discuss this further.

Are you open to anyone?

Yes, I don't discriminate based on gender or gender identity, race, (dis)ability, etc. Let me know if any accommodations will be needed when you email me.

Are you available for couples?

Yes, I see couples of all genders and polyamorous groups as long as every partner knows and is enthusiastic about it. There is a $300 flat fee per booking for each partner added. There is no fee for adding providers.

Are reviews allowed?

No, reviews aren't tolerated. It is a privacy and safety issue for us both and I'm not supportive of review culture.

Do you do DATY, DFK, BBBJ?

Please don't email me with sexual acronyms or explanations, I will not message back. Please don't ask me to do illegal acts in person either, because I will have to leave without giving a refund.