USA Rates

3 hours - $1800
4 hours - $2200
8 hours - $4000
12 hours - $5000 (full day visit, no sleeping hours)
16 hours - $5100 (overnight, min. 7 hrs. of sleep)
24 hours - $6000

-email me for longer bookings and international travel

+$300 flat fee for each additional partner

+$200 for in calls


  • My availability is typically from 11am-11pm Central time for visits of 12 hours or less.
  • All bookings require a non-refundable deposit: $150 for three hours, and 25% for four hours or more. Deposits should be paid to confirm the booking after the screening process has been completed.
  • With 48 hours notice or more, cancellation will not incur a loss of deposit and will be applied to your next visit. If given a notice of 24-47 hours, there will be a cancellation fee of 50%. There will be a 75% for cancellations with 7-23 hours notice. For a notice within 6 hours, the full amount must be paid. Please give at least 48 hours notice if you have to change the location of the booking.
  • For fly-me-to-you bookings: Please note that there is a four hour minimum. Airfare, lodging, and other travel expenses must be paid along with the deposit when the booking is confirmed.
  • For outcalls and fly-me-to-you bookings: five star hotels only or accommodations must be approved by me. For engagements at a private residence, I may require extra screening information.


  • Be kind, respectful, and considerate. Most importantly, please be your authentic self. I want both of us to truly enjoy our time together, so take a load off, come relax and have a wonderful time with me!
  • Discretion and privacy are incredibly important to me. I'll never share any personal details about you or our time together and I expect the same from you. Your information is used for screening purposes only.
  • If we are meeting at a hotel, please avoid saying "it's nice to meet you" in the lobby. Please show me your ID before I enter the hotel room and leave the full consideration in large bills in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter.
  • If we meet in public, please give me the consideration in a card, gift bag, or book within the first couple minutes of us meeting and show me your ID if it is our first time seeing each other. Getting it out of the way at the beginning will avoid ruining the mood.
  • Please don't mention the consideration at any time. I may excuse myself to go to the restroom to verify the consideration. If you would like to extend our time together, please have the extra amount on you and I will try my best to accommodate.
  • Exceptional hygiene and presentation are vital. Please be freshly showered and brush your teeth and tongue before I arrive. I am sensitive to strong scents, so please shower and brush your teeth after cigarette usage and be mindful of the amount of cologne you apply.
  • Please do not be under the influence while we are together. I don't smoke and I rarely drink, but I don't mind you drinking in moderation.